The Tentpole Strategy is set for 2023, as the full Content and Media Strategy is expected to be completed towards the end of the third quarter of this year. In order to plan the concrete implementation of the individual measures within the company, to determine resources and budget that do not yet exist, and to make the necessary preparations, a few weeks must be scheduled.

Though quo PEOPLE has never tried to develop a long-term strategy to boost promotional activities, defined in terms of time and content is a suitable approach to change this. Since just about any event or topic lends itself to the creation of a survey, the challenge is more about turning the results into a coherent message and telling a story at a pace that makes sense for its audience.

Each of the Hero contents planned for the major tentpoles is to mark the highpoint of a thematic hub content campaign:


Data Privacy

The European data protection day is an occasion that is otherwise not yet utilized in the public eye. quo PEOPLE will use is as vehicle to talk about the service, focus on the theme of we, today and the topics that play a role in the now of everyday life.


Earth Day

Earth marks the high point of a campaign surrounding the described theme future. It is the ideal occasion to talk about the future world we want or don’t want to live in.


State Selection

The State selections are one of the few times quantitative research is more heavily featured in the media, making it our chosen tentpole to talk about the theme research, why it’s important and how a single voice can have impact.


New Years

At the end of the year quo PEOPLE will release a magazine reviewing the years developments and trends. It contains the most popular topics gathered from the community.