How will we live in the future?

What will our lives look like in twenty, thirty or fifty years? Looking more closely at this question can be both fascinating and frightening in equal measure.

For those of us who still grew up very analog, even the present sometimes already feels like the future – even when we are well equipped and familiar with the latest smartphones, tablets & co.

Technologies are developing at an ever faster pace and are becoming an integral part of more and more areas of our everyday lives. If 30 years ago we had no idea what this Internet could even be, today we can hardly imagine what it was like not to quickly Google something.

So what will we take for granted in 2050 that we barely have an idea of today?

Let's take an intrepid look at the possible paths to the future.

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How do we get around?

With more and more people living in cities, the traffic situation will naturally have to change. The hype surrounding e-cars is already giving a foretaste of how electric mobility will determine the future. The sharing culture will also shape mobility, as will autonomous driving - be it self-driving trucks or on-demand means of transport that are networked with each other to get us private individuals from A to B safely and smoothly.



Where and how will we live in the future?

There is already a discernible trend toward urbanization, and this will continue in the future. More than half of the world's population already lives in cities, and by 2050 this figure will be over 60 percent, according to a study by the Fraunhofer Institute. In addition, the world's population will continue to grow. In 2050, between 9.4 and 10.1 billion people will live on earth. VIEW SOLUTIONS


How will we work in the future?

The separation of private life and work will continue to blur in the coming decades. Coworking spaces, where people work together but for different employers, will be found either right in the house where you live or in the immediate vicinity.



Talking about the weather...

In the future, unfortunately, this will no longer be a trivial subject. The worst-case scenario published by the Australian think tank "Breakthrough" quickly removes the topic from our small talk list, because if we assume that the recommendations of the Paris climate agreement are not heeded, we will be heralding the end of humanity as early as 2030.


Back to the now!

For quo PEOPLE, the future is above all something we want to participate in and help shape. Even though we count ourselves among the intrepid optimists and believe that we can make the world a little better with our contribution, we are very aware that climate change is the biggest challenge of our time, today as well as in the future.

We will have to drastically change our lifestyle if we want to continue living on this planet. Personally, we clearly see this as an opportunity and are looking forward with curiosity, ready to shape the future. Are you joining us?

Let’s explore our options!

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