Dramatic arc  

Freytag (1900) classic dramatic arc is widely known as the basis for storytelling. For all content related to research itself (methods, meaning, impact etc.), the narrative should follow a more diverse storyarc than the pyramid model suggests. (see below). Research is rarely that simple and quo PEOPLE should reflect this in their publications.


The  ♥ – side

Looking at the division on Taylor’s six-segment strategy wheel (1999), the emotional component is most suitable for the message of quo PEOPLES as a whol (see Essay 1), especially for all content related to the community aspect and the overarching importance of research and the future. Logical arguments are useful in the context of answering specific questions about the platform and incentives (hygine content).

The schematic figure illustrates the dramatic arc of a story about a research study. The key is that in this figure the classic peak of rising action and falling action is divided into several peaks of increasing tension. Multiple actions may be required, and there are most likely multiple obstacles in the course of research and a story.

The wheel allows individual use of each dimension, but also combinations that serve the purpose of conveying the message. Since reasarch is an abstract concept, it must be advertised with the intention of appealing to people emotionally, since few are able and willing to understand the technical details.


Narrative Advertising

The use of transportation, mental simulation, empathic processing, and identification to create a successful narrative is highly important to all communication efforts. To ensure that a narrative structure contains all necessary elements, the categories of Kim, Ratneshwar, and Thorson’s into the following elements (2017) should be used as a template:

Who looks at the presence of a main protagonist.
What refers to the characters behaviour and the consequences.
When & where cover the setting and context of the ad.
Why refers to the motivations behind the happenings.
How is a portrayal of the actions involving the actors.
Chronology refers to the timeframe and sequences of the ad.



„Inspiration awakens us to new possibilities by allowing us to transcend our ordinary experiences and limitations. Inspiration propels a person from apathy to possibility, and transforms the way we perceive our own capabilities. Inspiration may sometimes be overlooked because of its elusive nature“ (Kaufman, 2011)…and thats something inspiration and research have in common, but quo PEOPLE uses both to create the best content for their audience.  

Visualize Data

Of course, many content ideas for a research panel are based on (self-conducted) survey results. The topic and further processing of the survey is an essential part of the strategy. Therefore, the amount of data in the papers must not only be interesting, but also visually appealing (and not always the same).


Visual Capitalist is a global online publisher , focused on topics including markets, technology, energy and the global economy. The reports and infographics are visually varied and designed to be very impressive, so quo PEOPLE should try to strive for this presentation of connections in data and with other content. Visual Capitalist’s three-part approach could be adapted as it reads:


By highlighting the bigger picture through data-driven visuals, we stay true to our mission to help cut through the clutter and simplify a complex world.


Founded by David McCandless, author of two best-selling books on infographics, Information is Beautiful aims to help people make clearer, more informed decisions about the world. They are more on a business level, but the mission aligns with what quo PEOPLE is trying to do:

Distilling the world’s data, information and knowledge into beautiful infographics and visualizations.

Looking at the way they visualize data could serve as a solid way to present your findings in a varied and engaging way without compromising the explanatory purpose.

Create Connections

Das Handwerk

As mentioned in Essay 2 the purpose of Deutsche Handwerkskammer  is to support and represent all stakeholders in the craft industry. By creating the brand Das Handwerk, they aim to promote the overarching importance of the skilled trades and appeal to the public through a more accessible image and content (compared to the B2B orientation of Deutsche Handwerksammer). In particular, the way they promote the industry as a whole can be seen as an inspiration for the content direction of quo PEOPLE. They focus on connecting and creating awareness of the overarching implications to everyday life, demonstrated by the slogen:

The economic power from next door.

When it comes to the importance of research, consequences and ways into the future, quo PEOPLE can learn from Das Handwerk to create a similar understanding of the industry and how its connected to everyone.

translates to:"Craftsmanship is in the nature of man."


Product of its time

When it comes to the importance of research, consequences and ways into the future, quo PEOPLE can learn from Das Handwerk to create a similar understanding of the industry and how its connected to everyone.

Knowledge-based society

Fake-News and Alt-Science are but only a small counter trend to the much bigger moving pieces of the evolving knowledge society we live in. Here we as quo PEOPLE need to not only communicate the importance of transparent research and results, but also live it through our actions. Our target audiences are an active part of society and as such embrace the responsibility of shaping the future through research. They know the importance of data, value their data privacy and know about the impact that derives from big data analysis – quo PEOPLE is where they need to find a trustworthy means to achieving their goal (Horx, 2022).

Inbound marketing

…but with a twist. Or a curve. Going in circles to be precise. WOM, Reviews and positive testimonials are what drive attention in target audiences towards becoming customers themselves. On the other hand, information given to the customer directly from companies are seen as less reliable and always with a grain of salt. This is where the beaten idea of customer funnels gets taken over by the flywheel. In optimizing each stage of the flywheel customers are who strengthen brand growth for quo PEOPLE. That in combination with the here outlined content strategy as fundament for inbound marketing efforts guarantees long-term success and stable brand growth (Hubspot, 2022).